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The Truth About Loneliness And Being Single

Are you stressed around weekends, feel hurt and sad if he doesn’t call back, scared that if you don’t go out, you might “miss him”… feel lonely and worried that you will NEVER find love?  I want you to know that if you are struggling with any of this and feeling lonely about being single, I want you to know that you are OK… and it is OK to feel lonely.

Can you be OK with the way things are RIGHT NOW? Let that question sink in…Can you? It doesn’t mean forever, but just in this moment…practice being OK with your situation….right…effing…now…does that feel better? We are dropping the judgement on “being single”…AHHH gasp!!! But it feels better right?

IT IS OK to desire companionship and want a man, that is a natural and Divine desire… but what I don’t want for you is to feel all this pressure and stress and fear to….MAKE…IT…HAPPEN… like yesterday!

I struggled with this too, the urgency, the stress, if I don’t go out am I going to “miss him”, the fear of saying the wrong thing, messing things up, looking needy, all of that and here I am on a Saturday night, alone and I feel perfectly OK. I know I am OK with myself, getting that man or that date or whatever is not going to “fix” anything in me. Being alone does not mean that I will be consumed by the feeling of ALONENESS that plagued me for so long or that there is something wrong with me and it doesn’t mean that about YOU either. I want these feelings of peace and MANBUNDANCE for you too…I had great coaches help and train me to work through these fears of aloneness and never finding love. So if peace and freedom and feeling great in your own skin and owning your sexy ass self solid is something YOU WANT too then reach out to me, we can talk and bring some lightness and peace to any heaviness, stress or pain.


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