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Top Five Tips to Stick to Your Exercise Plan and Even Make It FUN + Free Gift

So have you been there are maybe you are here now…you are trying to lose weight or start a new exercise plan and maybe you have gotten on the elliptical at the gym and been like what is this?  This is terrible? I can’t keep this up for an hour?  But you power through because your goal is to lose weight or exercise regularly.  And then this maybe lasts for a few weeks or maybe a few months if you are really dedicated but then you stop, something happens and you miss a day and that turns into two, and so on.  What is going on here and how can we use body mind psychology to stick to our exercise plan and even make it fun. I’m also going to share a gift at the end to help you really nail your work out and feel great about it.

So number 1 is to know what is going on with this not being able to stick to a workout routine, and that is that you are coming up against resistance, that invisible wall telling you to just go home, watch Netflix, go shopping or anything other than get your sexy butt to the gym will make you quit if you are not prepared for it.  Just know that anytime you try to do any sort of self-improvement program, hire a coach, join a group class, you will face this resistance….

Tip number 2 is have your workout on your calendar at SET times preferably with a trigger….for example, oh, its Monday after work?  THAT’S when I go to the gym… there is no question whether I FEEL like it or not, it’s just WHEN I go to the gym, and because it is not a question of do I feel like it, it becomes a habit and it is easier to overcome the resistance.

Tip number 3 (and this is may be an obvious one, but I think by the number of people actually ON the elliptical machines at the gym…that maybe it is not), and that is you have a choice in what exercise looks like to you and it doesn’t have to be drudgery AND it can actually be something you look forward to.  So it is worth it to find exercise that feels somewhat enjoyable to you.

Free Workout Visualization

Tip number 4 is to find ways to challenge yourself, maybe that is a boot camp class where you compete against your classmates, a running app where you measure your speed and distance, or one of my favorites, weight lifting and keeping track of what you lift and being able to see yourself getting stronger and faster.  Challenging yourself brings MORE attention to your fitness and where attention goes, energy flows, leading to a bigger increase in your fitness and more satisfying workout in general.

Tip number 5 AND the most important is your mindset.  When you are exercising or thinking about going to the gym are you saying to yourself, oh ‘this is so hard’, ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘ugh…I HAVE to go to the gym tonight’ … stop that!  Make the decision that you are exercising FOR YOU.  This is an act of self-love and care, and you GET to exercise, it is a PRIVELEDGE and a PLEASURE for you to be able to do this for yourself. And when you ARE exercising, come from the mindset of “I’m really going to show up for myself, I’m going to be focused and do the best I can because I’m worth it and I’m good at this!”

At the beginning I promised you a gift to take this even further so if you want to really be a bomb-ass baller babe in the gym, click on the link below to download my “Workout Motivation Visualization” which will help you feel even more motivated and confident to reach your fitness goals and have fun while doing it.


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