How to Stop Your Relationships from Triggering a Downward Spiral of Emotional Eating

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Something that I have struggled with in my life is liking people, and that could be female friendships or romantic male relationships, and what has happened is the relationship goes along seemingly fine but then something happens where you perceive they weren’t there for you or you don’t feel like a priority or somehow they are not giving you what you think they should and your mind goes to anger, hate, sadness, jealousy maybe – if other people are involved – or a combination of all of them. So… What is this? And then when this happens, you feel like the world is gray, left out, what’s wrong with you, etc. If you are trying to lose weight or stick to an exercise plan, then maybe you just skip exercising, eat crap that you normally wouldn’t eat, cause who cares, your mind is telling you that you are crap and you don’t deserve to have a healthy body or anything good cause you suck and you should just give up and die… lol yes,… then your mind also starts judging them, they are so mean, they are selfish, they don’t care, etc. etc. and then you maybe act like nothing is wrong but then resent them and get stressed about it… or any number of crazy-making talk and emotion. So when you feel like someone has let you down and your mind is blaming them and judging them and if they just did _____ then everything would be ok, just know that what has happened is – YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR POWER AWAY – You have given this person the power to “make you feel ok” “make you feel loved” and that is a very disempowering place to be because now if they DON’T give you what you think they should – attention, time, compliments, love…. Then even though your mind is blaming them, at some level YOU feel like there is something wrong with you. AND, because now they have this power, there will be fear of rejection, fear of reaching out or deepening intimacy because whenever there is fear, your ego won’t let you get TOO close because if others have this power, then it needs to limit it in some way to protect you. So maybe it will make you go into victim mode and start a fight or be angry or whatever your ego needs to in order to LIMIT this power that the other person has over you. BUT…this is a golden opportunity for growth because the other person is just MAGNIFYING your mind, your beliefs, your story which in my case was: “no one has time for me”…They are showing you your fear of rejection and because of this fear, you are now attached to somehow CONTROLLING your interactions with people…either THEY need to act in a certain way or you need to DISTANCE yourself from them…either way, your power lies – not with you and your divine true loving self – but with this other person and with your ego which has hijacked your relationship. So if you need to eat that bag of cookies or cake or chips or whatever and have a cry, go for it, allow yourself to FEEL that perceived rejection, but just know that this is what is happening and you can go towards this fear of rejection and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Consistently going toward this fear will eventually BREAK it, like you keep stretching a rubber band until it breaks, you keep stretching yourself, being vulnerable until this fear is gone and then you are FREE, you are free to allow yourself to get as close to others as you want and their actions don’t have power over you, they won’t cause you to spiral down into sadness anymore and the power will lie back with you and with your beautiful divine self. And that is an amazing, empowering, wonderful thing that doesn’t cause a giant craving for cake and cookies! For more videos about harnessing the power of your mind to reach your health and fitness, goals subscribe below. Also, leave me a comment, how have you let others affect your mood and subsequently, your health and fitness goals? AND do they still have the power?


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