How To Feel Relaxed Pretty Much All The Time…

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How many times have you started stressing because you felt this pressure of “not enough time”? Do you feel a pressure now of oh… I don’t have time to even read this blog? How many times have you tried a new self-improvement project like meditating every day or new work out habit or any kind of diet change and had the habit fall away with the excuse of not enough time? Where else do you not show up for what is important to you because of the perception of not enough time? What are the phrases we hear all the time that we don’t question – time flies, time is money, don’t waste my time…the fact of time being limited is a fallacy in and of itself because if you believe that there is a part of you that is eternal and not just a body then you have an infinite amount of time – limit-less – and time is really an illusion…think about that…time is an illusion….and what I mean is the same 30 minutes doing something pleasurable like a massage can feel like 5 minutes where the exact same 30 minutes might feel like 2 hours if you are say organizing your taxes – it’s a perception! And what’s so awesome about that is when you realize and embody this, then you control your relationship with time and can create a life where you literally feel relaxed all the time. You HAVE time for the things you want to do because you are not choosing and running around in fear. You’re making choices from a place of abundance, enough time, enough money, enough food, etc. So when you find yourself in that overwhelm, pressure feeling, which is driven by fear, ask what am I running to or running from and be willing to turn around and face that. What is my mind telling me? What am I scared of? How am I in lack and scarcity? Be willing to face any of those emotions and fears but then get out of that mind pattern and change that to thoughts of there IS enough time and I am enough and things are perfect just as they are, embodying these concepts, thoughts and beliefs WILL help you to feel relaxed pretty much all the time.

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