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What To Do When Your Holiday’s Don’t Feel So Merry

So the holidays can sometimes feel not so merry for many people, especially if you are single or feel like you are tight on money or feeling dread around your upcoming January diet. I know for me after my divorce, I would be good most of the time, but the holidays would bring up a deep sadness like somehow there was something wrong with me and I’m defective in some way. I’m not going to lie and say I never get sad, but what I do know now that is whatever my mind IS telling me… I have a choice whether I want to buy into that old story and woe is me victimhood. And that is what I want for you, to know that whatever comes up for you during the holidays emotionally is A GIFT for you… it is the breadcrumb trail leading you to the ultimate freedom of your mind and your life. The mind stories that come up around the holidays…nobody loves me, I’m not good enough, I’m never going to get ahead, what’s wrong with me, I’m alone….are BEAUTIFUL… because these stories, if left unexamined, are what you are UNconsciously creating your life from…. And we don’t want that…. We want to create our life out of true freedom and NOT out of these old stories. So just know that whatever is coming up for you now is just that, it’s coming FROM YOU… and what’s cool about that is that means that YOU get to say how great you feel, YOU get to choose what stories you want to give energy too… one of lack and fear ? Or one of abundance and peace? So allow yourself to FEEL what you feel, totally accept whatever thing your mind is saying is wrong right now, but know that that is not the real you, the true divine you is perfect and unable to have a shitty holiday or feel broken or defective somehow and when you can get in touch with THIS part of you and bring up the love and joy from THIS place…then you have TRUE freedom from a place of abundance, love and peace regardless of what may physically be in your external world or how your holidays play out. Leave me a comment below? How do you want your holiday’s to feel? What do you need to just let go of right now?


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Best Way To Not Gain Weight Over The Holidays And Feel Amazing

Best Way To Not Gain Weight Over The Holidays And Feel Amazing When I was researching this post, I came across this sweatshirt that says…and I wish I had the real thing but I thought it was hilarious. And if you can’t read it, it says “I met God, She’s Black.” Now what does this have to do with not gaining weight and feeling amazing over the holidays? Well it’s about bringing a lightness and playfulness to everything you do in life, including creating a body and life you love. What many of us were taught growing up God was a white man in the sky and he is this external judge-y father figure who is watching everything we do so be good and obey and honor your father and mother and all that and even talking about this is challenging me because if feels at some level I am not honoring my father and mother, but what I am doing is honoring God, that divine higher power, by being who I truly am, expressing who I am, and who I REALLY am, thinks this shirt is (sorry mom) funny as hell. So instead of telling you my 10 tips for how to not gain weight over the holidays, what I want to tell you is INFINITELY more important and that is to suggest that what you really want this holiday season is to experience the divine love and beauty that is available to all of us, all the time. That feeling of oneness and love and togetherness that we all feel say after a tragedy like 911 or something, but we don’t need a tragedy to feel like that. I’m not going to pretend that I am an expert in God or something, but what I do know is that a daily practice of getting outside of your little ego self and identifying with a higher power, be it through mediation, prayer, gratitude, working through your resistance to open up your heart to others, this is where the true fulfillment is, when we can be open hearted and filled up with the peace of a God, and the beauty, abundance and wonder of life, we don’t need to shovel food into our mouth as fast as we can or snack constantly or run ourselves ragged being everything to everyone please others…not that any of those are necessarily bad, but they are substitutions for what we really crave and that is that divine connection. When you feel in overwhelm about something you did or did not do, somehow maybe your holidays are not “good enough”, your body is not good enough or something else is deficient in you, remember to come back to the beauty, peace and love that is deep inside of you and if you dare, is available to you all the time. So leave me a comment below? Does this trigger you? Do you believe in a God of Love or God of Fear? One belief will DO WONDERS for your health, the other is a detriment to your health.


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How To Feel Relaxed Pretty Much All The Time…

How many times have you started stressing because you felt this pressure of “not enough time”? Do you feel a pressure now of oh… I don’t have time to even read this blog? How many times have you tried a new self-improvement project like meditating every day or new work out habit or any kind of diet change and had the habit fall away with the excuse of not enough time? Where else do you not show up for what is important to you because of the perception of not enough time? What are the phrases we hear all the time that we don’t question – time flies, time is money, don’t waste my time…the fact of time being limited is a fallacy in and of itself because if you believe that there is a part of you that is eternal and not just a body then you have an infinite amount of time – limit-less – and time is really an illusion…think about that…time is an illusion….and what I mean is the same 30 minutes doing something pleasurable like a massage can feel like 5 minutes where the exact same 30 minutes might feel like 2 hours if you are say organizing your taxes – it’s a perception! And what’s so awesome about that is when you realize and embody this, then you control your relationship with time and can create a life where you literally feel relaxed all the time. You HAVE time for the things you want to do because you are not choosing and running around in fear. You’re making choices from a place of abundance, enough time, enough money, enough food, etc. So when you find yourself in that overwhelm, pressure feeling, which is driven by fear, ask what am I running to or running from and be willing to turn around and face that. What is my mind telling me? What am I scared of? How am I in lack and scarcity? Be willing to face any of those emotions and fears but then get out of that mind pattern and change that to thoughts of there IS enough time and I am enough and things are perfect just as they are, embodying these concepts, thoughts and beliefs WILL help you to feel relaxed pretty much all the time.

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Four Steps to Change a Situation (Including Make More Money)

When you are in a situation you don’t like you have way more power than you think. What the world tells us is that what you want is Out There and so most people try to change their external circumstances, maybe they don’t have as much money as they want or they don’t have the body they want so they put in a bunch more effort in the external, eating less, spending less, working harder, and this lasts for a while and maybe there is more money and less weight, but it’s not something that can be kept up and there is never a sense of satisfaction, never enough money or if they do lose weight, it is a struggle to keep up the changes and with both there is fear involved. What’s missing is going internally. The most successful people at life, know that going inward is where real change happens. So say you want more money, how are you going to feel when you have the money you want? Abundant, at peace, free, secure? The biggest misconception is the belief that the external result you want is going to give you these feeling of peace, abundance, freedom, happiness… but that is all wrong, whatever are your driving thoughts now – lack, not good enough, frustration, fear, those same feelings are going to be MAGNIFIED if you get the result you seek – this is why many lottery winners say it is the worst thing that ever happened to them because the money just magnified all their fears and current scarcity mindset – any of the good feelings are attached to this external thing so there is fear around losing it. So how do you do this? 1. The first thing you do is notice what your mind is telling you is SO bad about the current situation you are in now? What are the judgements and stories your mind is telling you about yourself, the situation and all involved and if it doesn’t change what will happen and just practice observing and dropping those stories…they are just stories and we don’t need to give them any energy. 2. The second step is to think about what it is you want and how you want to feel. 3. The third step is to visualize the situation you want with the feelings you want, really embody the person who already is in this situation you want. 4. And the fourth step is take consistent action with gratitude for already having the new situation. When you go to take action you have to be very conscious of all the ways your mind will try to make you go back… don’t listen to it, keep focusing on what you want as if you already have it, and taking consistent action with gratitude. You can do it!


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