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How to NOT set up your goals for 2016 (and better way to make goals)

I wrote out my goals for 2016, like any productive-oriented member of society…felt pretty good about them, wow, I’m pretty great, look at these goals I have…BUT…then I remembered basic coaching 101…usually when people want something it’s because they think having that _______whatever____ will either give them a certain feeling or in some cases, avoid feeling something they are feeling and don’t want feel anymore. You see we all have an ego, which strives to keep our body safe and it automatically seeks the “a” side feelings or “good” side – pleasure, comfort, security, control, pride…and it wants to avoid the “b” side or “bad” side feelings – shame, sadness, fear, anger, loss…so I went back over my goals and was like what feelings am I seeking and what am I trying to avoid…one, is goal of $500,000….which is definitely ego goal…because I am seeking security and pleasure and wanting to avoid feelings of guilt because I owe money. Soooooo….what to do? How can I transform that to Divine or God-centered goal for good of all? I guess, the more money I make, the more I can give and spend and circulate back into the world to increase abundance, experience more life and more life for others. Any other ideas? Going to do that with my other goals too, make them about a more expansive life for me and others.


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